Welcome to Westek Technology

Ensuring mission success since 1987

Westek Technology is a market leader in field-proven high quality, high availability, rugged products for military and industrial customers. Our customers trust us to provide integrated, mission critical, solutions that exceed expectations.

Our rugged products are designed and manufactured to operate reliably in the harshest of environments. Our comprehensive range includes computer servers, workstations, integrated systems and peripherals.

We are proud of our 30-year heritage as a British manufacturer, with systems deployed to customers across 70 countries.

High Performance Rugged Computing

We design and manufacture a wide selection of rugged 19-inch rack mount and custom form factor computer platforms including high performance servers and data storage systems, displays and KVM consoles, network switches, uninterruptable power supplies, and peripherals.

Our servers can be customised to meet individual application requirements, and our inhouse designed chassis can be tailored to meet environmental requirements.

Options include:

  • RAID performance and redundancy
  • Enhanced ingress protection up to IP65
  • Redundant power supplies
  • EMC and environmental performance to aspects of MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-810, DefStan and TEMPEST
  • A wide range of practical features for successful field deployment

Pushing the Limits

At Westek we are continually developing products to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. As the application requirements get tougher, so do our products. From -40°C operation to enhanced shock and vibration requirements to ultra-low EMC profiles, our design team continue to develop high performance, reliable products.

Core Products

Our comprehensive range of rugged products includes computer servers, workstations, storage servers, display solutions and network switches. Designed and manufactured at our facilities in the UK, they have been developed to meet our customers’ application requirements around the world.